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Hello!  I am Mercedes Wilson – a busy wife and mother of four.  I am known for wearing many hats but I am a foodie at heart and my family and friends can vouch for that.  Since I was a child, food has been the main topic of my conversations.  I also host a segment on the local ABC affiliate in Buffalo, NY that talks of food as we share recipes and the stories behind it.  Food, is the great equalizer in my eyes.  It has the power to bring us all together in ways that heal the soul!


Growing up my grandparents had eleven children!  They had a huge garden in their backyard and from it, my grandmother canned a lot of food.  One of the dishes that she canned was something they all called Cha Cha Relish and my Grandmother used to put it on her collard greens to give it a little kick.  I learned about Cha Cha Relish while doing a Recipes for Life © segment with my father in early 2020.  We did collard greens with relish and everyone fell in love with it.  

When my father mentioned it, I had no clue what it was.  He did his best to describe the flavors to me and I made it until my father said it reminded him of what my grandmother used to make.  I have since made it for all of my friends and family to try and they fell in love with it too!  The relish that you see in stores today, is that exact relish – the one inspired by my grandmother that was loved by so many.  I hope this makes her so proud. 



We want to thank you for your incredible support! Please send us your feedback on what you ear your relish on and we just may post it!